Short Story: Human Love

Once it was told that the journey matter, not the destination. Who cares where you’re going? Why was love, a villain? Many questions with silent replies. Birthdays turned to tragedies, love to lust. Each year on sixteen birthdays, my family visits Mrs. Witcha, the disgrace of life. Also the fortune-teller of Darksville. Welcome to darkness.

¨Are you sure we have to go?¨ I asked with desperation pleading to disobey her instruction. Poisonous eyes stared boring the thoughts of savagery.

¨You promise not to do that again!”I shouted furiously with anger. I knew if I let go of it, my powers would greet me. No, that can’t happen.

¨Come on sis, let’s just go. Together. It’s your turn,¨ said Ryan, the eldest sibling in the Coven´s family. Yes, our last name means the species of witches. So you see, a perpendicular family indeed.

¨What’s the point? To see some fortune-teller who is going to repeat what I already know? Tell me,¨ I fought back. Useless. I wish I could be someone else´s daughter, who wasn´t a freak with uncontrollable issues.

¨Little Cecilia, sometimes the best thing to do is to follow what you’re instructed,¨ added Chuck, the wise Coven. I roll my eyes and shut my mouth. There’s no way out of this. Hear the information; every Coven has heard, then head home. Complete the ritual of accession, and you’re a full witch. No, I fought my thoughts.

¨No.¨ My power fell out of the cage which held it together. It sparks red light flickering the signs of death. Only half as strong.

¨Come on, sweetheart,¨ murmured my father, Anthony Coven. He snaps his hands to contain my power, which in seconds became his. Let me tell you one more bit of information before I forget. Witches all contain the same power from this family, the power of death and compulsion. Warlocks have the abilities to confine your abilities.

I pat down my scarlet skirt to flatten it out. My hands were shaking uncontrollably. Mrs. Witcha sees the truth, nothing else. She takes your hopes, crushes them, to turn them into your reality. I tremble with fear at the thought of her.

I looked at the mirror near the door and saw the wrinkles glowing off my face. The dark bags under my eyes like I haven’t slept in ages. I did sleep because, in my dreams, I am normal. Not a ticking death bomb to humans.

My family walked out of the door and my dad snaps the door shut. As I walked, I slow my pace stressing about this. Chuck threw his hands out, so before I realize, I was in the car.

¨CHUCK!¨ I yelled. This was the last hour that I am uncontrollable Cecilia Coven. In a short period, my full power would be initiated. I’ll be a walking gun.

¨Why didn’t we fly?¨ I asked. I looked up at the sky covered with black figures. The other inhuman beings. The sun was covered by the darkness, I groaned.

¨Because it’s a secret,¨ my mother answered as if she was annoyed. Mrs. Witcha was the only fortune teller to my family, and only them. She was cursed from the second she was born. The power of Witcha was telepathy instead of she got the power of precognition. An abomination, as Darkville calls. I thought it was refreshing to know not everyone was the same creature around here.

When we pulled up, the setting came to memory. I have been here since Ryan turned sixteen. Today is my birthday and I’m going to see someone who will tell me I’m basically death.

¨Are you ready?¨ asked Chuck. I punched him in the arm. My mother raised her eyebrow frowning.

¨No, is that what you really think is going to happen?¨ she asked me.

¨GET OUT OF MY HEAD!¨ I screamed.

Mrs. Witchca’s little cottage shine with life. The lonely green roof camouflaged with the forest, it was hidden in. Why am I granted killing in a field of life? I laughed at the thought of that. My mother smiles.

Hand in hand, our family looped our arms together and spoke the words to enter.

¨Collywobbles.¨ Yes, I know it’s silly, but it’s unusual to minds of this town. The black door opens and every year we all have the same reaction.

¨Welcome, welcome, Covens,¨ said Mrs. Witcha. The smile she gave was vicious and excited. Her face with makeup that covers every inch of her skin. The dress she wore was dark violet with spiders falling out. Real spiders. She likes to be literal with her dresses. Carefully, I walked trying to avoid those bugs.

¨Happy birthday,¨ she said, then hug me. The smell of her perfume made me gag. I nodded thanks hoping my silence could show my feelings.

My family stood around me while my feet froze in a pile of glass. The clear mirrors reflected back at our dark hair.

¨Everyone, you know how this works. Cecilia sits in the ground filled with mirrors and the rest of you back away from her.¨

They stood in their place with fixed eyes on my back. I glanced at Mrs. Withca hoping my jitters would run away.

¨Just relax,¨ she said beaming. I placed my fragile hand into her strong ones. Thankfully, it wasn’t shaking anymore. The instant instinct to close my eyes as she had done, come quickly. I don’t know what I hope to see. The pitch black narrow its stare on me. I quickly open my eyes, so the light can replace it. Mrs. Withca was murmuring confusingly quicker and quicker. It was too quiet for me to make out the words.

¨How. ¨ she said at last. The shock in her face was heard by my family. They quickly appeared by my side. She got up quickly then as if someone had sewed her lips together, silence spoke.

¨What, Mercia? Spit it out,¨ asked my mother. I wished her ability worked her, but she was the exception. Confusion arose in everyone’s mind, but in mine, it was hope. I hoped something had gone wrong, but what if it was bad news? Foolishness.

¨You´re, you’re human,¨ breathe Mercia. A flick of light glow in her eye. What was it? She took a step away from me as if I was toxic.

¨Tell me her fate. Tell her what is going to happen,¨ my mother cried. The anger mixed with confusion was heard clear as a bell.

¨Cecilia is diseased with witches’ powers but are no witch yourself. Ten days from now is the day where you decided. A boy you meet is going to change your whole life to give you what it is that you want, but also take away the thing that you need,¨ said Mercia. Her eyes gone white, then back to brown.

It seems too good to be true. Me, an abomination like Mercia? It´s impossible. I´m a Coven, a witch like my mother and hers.

¨What do you think?¨ asked the boys. Their faces with hurt like a thousand knives stab their chest.

¨I don’t know,¨ I simply said. For once I was allowed to speak the truth, ¨I´m going to need some air.¨ I run faster and farther away from the crowd whose eyes filled with disgust. Human? Are they that bad? Their eyes reply yes they are.

The air filled with sweet flowers created tears in my eye. Why am I crying? This was my chance to be different. The silent cries turn to loud shouts. The bushes filled with flowers were grieving my happiness. Unique, is that what I want? The little disease called power was something borne inside of me. I wouldn’t have to use it ever again if I decided. Am I willing to lose the one that made me normal in Darksville?

¨Ow!¨ I yelped as a figure land on top of me. His body was hot filled with life with no signs of powers flowing through. Wait, oh no.

Before he could apologize, I study the stranger in my eye. Like fairy-tales, his features look like royalty. A prince. Rosy cheeks and lips with brown hair in a casual outfit. I laughed. His eye looked into mine like I am a freak. Not for long, I thought.

¨You’re human, so weirdly human,¨ I said and thought of what Mercia said. A boy is going to change my life.

¨Yes, there are a few of us here if you didn’t know. I´m Hayden, ¨ he said. Wow, even his deep voice sounded human. I loved it.

¨I´m Cecilia Coven. ¨ I included my last name so the legend of my family could arise in his mind.

¨The death family? Please don´t kill me,¨ he joked. I hoped.

¨I am not going to kill anyone for a very long time, that’s for the women of my family. ¨

¨Today is your birthday. You guys visit her every time.¨ I stopped.

¨How do you know? ¨ I asked with curiosity. He gave me an obvious look as if I was stupid.

¨Well, I’m sure you heard of my adopted mother, Mercia. The freak of freaks in Darksville. Fortune teller to the Covens,¨ he explained.

¨More like unfortunate teller, what she told me today was awful for my family.¨ The words slipped out of my mouth, instantly the regret arose.

¨How do you feel about it?¨ he asked with concern. I looked into his gray eyes with wonder.

¨Glad. Absolutely delightful, even though it could kill me. I´m human, if I chose to,¨ I left out the part about the boy. His jaw dropped. I giggled.

¨A Coven as a human? Now that’s unique.¨

¨Indeed.¨ I nodded.

¨What have you done since then?¨

¨Meet you, run from my parents. You know the usual,¨ I realized how well I had taken the news. I quickly grab out my phone which was screaming with calls. I silent it using my power.

¨That’s all you have to is snap your hands, to use your power?¨ he asked. I nodded.

We sat in silence listening to the glistening of trees. I lie down and close my eyes.

¨Let’s go for your first human adventure. A quick trip to my favorite waterfall. You can choose after,¨ he said breaking the silence. I was hesitant but excited.

¨Okay.¨ I stood up and reach out my hand towards his. Slowly, I pulled him up. His clamp hand felt warm against mine, the tiny pulse beating quickly. I let him walked past me because I have no idea where we were going.

¨Can you tell some of your relatives to leave some space for the sun?¨

¨You know, you asked a lot of questions.¨ Ignoring his question, I asked mine.

¨Everyone is curious including our race.¨ He stopped and looked at me. It was an awkward glare, yet my heart was leaping as if it was racing with my breaths. Suddenly I wish, this scarlet skirt brought out my eyes, so he could see my beauty. The ground painted red as we cross the line of Darksville.

¨Why human?¨ he asked.

¨The power to kill is one that I don’t wish upon my worst enemy. I don’t want that for myself.¨

¨In the tales, you can soon learn to control it. Then, you are a weapon,¨ he said asked we enter a trail. The smell of life scent of dirt and leaves. I have never been here for we were not allowed to enter further than where the line cuts.

¨We never could,¨ I replied coldly and shiver at the thought of becoming like my mother. Happiness flew around my body letting go of doubts now.

¨Welcome to Green Leaves. It’s A quick trail leading to Life Waters,¨ he said pointing his hand in front of him. I gasped at all the lights and colors in front of my eyes. It was stunning as bugs flew in and the sky shine of light. Not one which was up in the air. I let in the warmth and close my eyes never wanting to let go.

¨ It’s real. I thought this was fake like chocolate.¨ I chuckled so laugh I didn’t notice Hayden´s smile. In the light, he looked even more beautiful than any princes in stories. The smile filled his face as happiness landed on his skin. I smiled at the sight of him.

¨Chocolate is real, Cecilia.¨ He laughs shaking his head. He placed his hand in his pocket pulling out a brown bar.

¨Here have some.¨ He placed it on my hand, but I was too distracted at the thought of him near me. He smells fresh like breezes in the sea. I blinked out of my reverie. I bite into the dark sweetness and I cried out.

¨This is amazing!¨ I exclaimed and rip a piece for Hayden. Wow, he was so into his laugh, he didn´t notice.

¨What are witches´ sweets? Eyeballs pudding?¨

¨That and cake.¨ My stomach growled as I devoured the candy. In seconds it was gone, Hayden grabs the wrapper tossing it onto the ground. He reached in and the thought of him kissing me emerge. His finger gently rubs at the side of my lip and I realize.

¨Oh my gosh, that was so embarrassing,¨ I said reaching for my sleeves wiping around the last remains of chocolate. He punched my arm lighting and chuckled. When he laughed, he tends to run his hand through his hair.

¨Do you wanna race to the waterfall?¨ I asked assuming it was just straight ahead.

¨Half witches race?¨ he asked.

¨Of course,¨ I replied, but he was already running. I imagine his smile in my mind. I could cheat considering I do still have my powers, but Hayden is a snail. I could beat him in a heartbeat if he didn´t make it beat so fast.

I ran. The views of lively nature blur in my view. There’s no way a human can beat me.

The orange sun beaming on the waters froze my legs. I peered up at the exquisite sky and gasped. Nothing like this happens on my side. I shivered at the thought of something so frightening beautiful. I felt someone’s arm around my waist and a hot breath at the side of my neck. I shivered harder like if I stopped, I might fall.

¨Sunset, that’s what this is,¨ Hayden said. His eyes blossom with awestruck.

¨It’s beautiful.¨

¨Like you, Cecilia.¨ I didn’t want his hold against me to let go. Slowly, I tilt my head down holding in my laughter. That was the first time, someone called me beautiful. Someone short describe as cute, which is what my family always says.

¨I won,¨ I said grabbing his hand. He was shaking and I let my touch calm it.

¨Do you come here every day?¨ I asked. He nodded meeting my hazel eyes. His eye matches the silver light ahead.

¨Do you want to come here with me?¨ he asked hopefully. Is he serious?

¨Yes,¨ I answered quickly hoping he doesn’t change his mind. He smiled.

¨This is our spot now.¨ I let myself dissolve to the warmth of his chest as the sun intense its colors.

When we left that beautiful destination, my parents were growing with rage. The safe part was they stay clueless of my day. Only Mercia met my eye.

¨You found him, didn’t you.¨ I didn’t reply as we flew away. Yes, I whispered into the air.

My family sits around the dinner table giving me a chance to explain why I ran away.

¨I needed space to decide my future,¨ I answered.

¨This was not supposed to happen, it’s all Gildas´ fault. Her curse on our daughter,¨ argued my father. Thank you, Gildas.

¨If it is a boy that triggers all this, you have to think with your head, not heart, ¨ said Ryan. All I thought about was Hayden. Was he worth giving up the thing that made me apart of this family?

¨No matter what you chose, we will love you,¨ Chuck said. For a second, I thought about the hours I spent complaining to him about these years before. Thank you, I whispered to him. He grins a reply.

¨We love you, Cecilia no matter your label,¨ my family changed. My mother nodded encouragingly.

¨You have ten days to decide, no longer. No less,¨ warned my mother. I could easily make that decision tonight, but I agreed.

¨If you chose one of them, you´re living here,¨ Chuck said.

On the fifth day s as the sun rose in the other side, Hayden and I race to our spot. He came close to making me realize how loud I can laugh. 

¨How do you feel right now? As a human I mean,¨ I asked with an curious eye.

Hayden thought for a moment.

¨I think you feel the same thing. Connections can be felt no matter what you are.¨

¨We have a connection?¨ I teased. He gave me a look as if I was foolish.

¨Of course.¨ I repeated his words softly to myself. With my eyes closed from the clouds, I breath in the air with a shut eye.

¨The wind usually mess up my hair, but you. Your hair look even better that way.¨ The awe in his voice was clear. I blushed turning scarlet.

¨Thank you,¨ I said. That was so stupid, I thought.

¨You´re welcome.¨ He came closer and lead my head towards his shoulder. We lie like that never wanting to move an inch.

On the tenth day, when we sat down and watch the rainbow ponder on the waterfall, worry filled his face.

¨What is your decision?¨ he asked with fear in his voice. I don’t want to lose you too, I said to myself as I study his face smiling.

¨I want to see the glorious sun beaming colors of nature and have adventures on this side with you, Hayden. I want to feel love as my power. I´m human.¨

They said first kisses are special, magical. This one felt right, just perfect. For once, I smile along with the sun as it invite me with a magical glow.

¨I can get used to that you know,¨ he joked. I laughed and push him away. He rushed back to my side.

Hayden tightened his grip on my waist because, at that moment, we could truly be together. 

¨I think we should go swimming in the water,¨ he offered.


¨Why? You can see me shirtless.¨ He winked.

¨Yes.¨ I smiled.



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