Short Story: Bloody Ever After

“When the world makes me die a little, you bring my life back. It’s sad, dangerous as well as beautiful,” he whispered like it was a secret. Something only he and I share, the rush of the adrenaline intensify because now I was apart of this threatening ride. The lovely blush warming my face as I move away from his hold.

“I am,” I stammered,” speechless. I never knew there were more powerful words than the sacred three.

He nodded not for agreement, instead of admiration. The dark hair attracts on his pale skin when he moves as silent as the deadly night.

“Sweet Hollyn, haven’t I given you enough time to decide? After all, if you chose correctly, forever is too short,” he said lowering his glare.

What he was asking will take not only life from me but my humanity. My mind was shouting its opinion while my heart was expressing it.

“You gave me ten days to decide the rest of my life. The creature, I am to become, Everett.”

Everett snarled at the word creature knowing there was no other way around it. The day, when his secret untruth itself, my heart fell in love with the idea of fear. The darkness surrounding around Everett and the truth, it was exhilarating. However, when my lover wanted me equal to him, to give up the human side, laughter control me. Anger bubble inside both of us for I refuse and him for my reaction.

“The powers you could have, the people you can rule over when you are like me is worth it,” the warning tone in his voice echo around the empty mountains. The gloomy sky in Light Hedge  frown at the sight of him, disapproving an abnormal in the night.

“This is worth that one soul you killed? The family you broke in pieces for these abilities? Fast as light, thirsty as waterfalls, dead as death can be. These are everlasting consequences, that is why I have no answer for you today.” I pushed his anger farther. I watch as he sighed and place his strong hands on his head.

“Come here, Hollyn.” His fingers tangled up my golden hair when I came close to his unbeaten chest. My plain outfit crumble against his.

“Give me your hand,” he ordered in my eye, as I obey. The cold skin ice my sweaty hands when it landed over his heart. Silence. The fear in my eyes was growing by the second, of him.

“I love you, but if you stay human those ages will catch up. It will take you away from me, so if ending the life of another for an eternity with you is something I’ll do in a heartbeat. My departed heart only returns when you are around, that brilliant smile of yours is something I’m not willing to give up. The blood running in your veins activates the thing you are to become, the thing you will be.” The kindness in his soft voice replace by despair. I heard the desperation calling out, for Everett didn’t want to be alone.

“You have the world, you don’t need me, anymore,” I replied removing my hand off his chest, “I can’t be what you need. The girl you want, that dream die out the night you confess. I was too foolish to see it, but I see it now.” Everett stays silent in front of me as the wind tossed his hair to the back of his shoulder. His clear face shown and it shines of scarlet range.

“The love I showed for you is not enough? You rather chose this absurd way of life where you feel pain, weakness, death even?” he shouted in the wilderness. I wanted to cover my ears and ran away as far as possible. Froze it stood on the ground near the danger. My heart pumped not of fear but of regret, why had I stay with him for so long?

That’s when I heard it, deep into my mind, I heard the familiar laugh of the human. Their steps near the ground we argued in, the to secure place rid of any living. Everett’s scowl disappeared out of the corner of my mouth as he turned to them. I shivered as I thought of the true natures of his true self. The bloodthirsty monsters that created on instinct, the very thing he holds back from me because he loved me. No more, this is the part where you die for choosing right.

“Everett, don’t,” I warned as I panic. His cruel laughter ring so loud, the humans could hear. He was gone. I blinked again and I curled up in his arms. The slight smile appeared on his lips, but my weak legs weren’t strong enough to kick him away. Even if I did, nature wouldn’t be kind to my involvement with his kind.

We land in front of two teenagers, the same age as us. Run, my eyes screamed but theirs furiously blinked at the sight of us.

“Hollyn? Aren’t that girl in math class? How did you…” he stopped at the wave of Everett’s hands. I threw him a cold stare for his use of powers. Everett paid no attention towards me just at his meals in front of him.

“Hollyn, the last weeks, I have done nothing but hold back. You know what happens when you hold back when you let your feelings in the way of your intentions. The hunger grows till there is no returns, the limits pushed. To survive is to kill, to love is for weak human like these pathetic boys,” Everett spat out like those words had been held back for a while now. It burns every skin of my body knocking me back.

“Whatever your planning, do it to me. Drain my blood, not theirs. It was my decision. My choice to break your heart, it was all me. To kill is to feel pain, a creature of the night. Leave them out of it, vampire.”  There was eagerness out of my voice, the urge to save the world rise as quick as lightning.

“Let’s get out of here away from this drama, Trent,” the blonde boy whispered to the amber friend. Trent nodded in reply, but Everett was quicker. He tightened his grip on Trent right as he was in his reach. Trent’s rosy skin faded to bleak whiteness when Everett sink his teeth in. I watched as Everett’s scarlet eyes rolled back to his head in this pleasure, this feeding. My legs twinkled out of its magical spell and I came forward as my small hand punch deep into the side of Everett’s face. Not a muscle moved. Trent’s body was shaking as the life drained out of him.

The amber stranger’s bellowed eyes couldn’t peel away from Trent’s death. I knew the exact thoughts he felt, the ordinary feelings of mythical creatures. Their evilness came after realizing the risk being around the supernatural and the ways to their redemption. There was none.

Everett came for a whiff of air dropping Trent’s body like it was nothing. I choked back the tears, heroes don’t cry.

“You rethink about loving me, Hollyn?” he asked as I switched my attention the boy standing next to me. Wrong time, wrong place but the same fate nevertheless.

“Never,” I growled and ran. I felt my legs working out as I realize there was no way out of these mountains for hours. A clever trap, like it, was all perfectly plan. That devil, I thought. I didn’t have time for any more thoughts because when my sneakers dug into the ground praying the distance would grow larger, Everett appeared in front of my eyes. He shone in the dark when he was mischievous his ocean eyes drowned me in his waves. That’s when I understand.

“Your power. You can compel,” I realized. The startled boy lies on the ground next to Everett’s feet. He clapped his hand applauding at this news.

“That’s why you see, I hope to give you the chance to choose me instead of making you do it anyways.”

“You compel me to love you, didn’t you? I would have never wasted a breath on you after you told me you’re the creature we all feared in the legends,” I screamed unleashing my anger. How dare he? This is what he does, what vampires do.

“I didn’t have to use any power on you, Hollyn Grace. You fell in love with the idea of becoming a hero like those pathetic heroes in fiction, you overlook it all. This is no happy ending,” he truthfully said.

My legs shake as I came near him. The rush of fright chills my bones leaving shivers as I know death was coming soon. I slapped him. Once my hand join your face because it warms my heart, it was all a lie. I slapped the furry, the regret onto that unbreakable face. His stun face flinched.

“Liar in the night, liar in the day. Everett Huntington, remember when I say I never loved you. How could I ever love a killer, a vampire who fears to be alone in a living world.” My broken voice harmed his face, I could see it. The dedicated piece of glass shattered his face and he frowned instead of screamed. I held in my breath as I scream at the death I caused tonight. I closed my eyes, I can’t do this anymore. Death, please take me, I plead.

Everett stays as silent as he moved invisibly in the air. The scream muffled by his sleeve as his mouth neared my throat. I can feel his lingering hot breath with my back facing him. My eyes never reopen but the pain was almost peacefully. I deserve this, being killed by the one soul I broke. It’s my time.

“To become a vampire, your feeder must feed you the scarlet drips of their last victim and then death takes you then return. A beauty death is right? There’s always a loophole.” The metal blood touched my lips as the liquid choked down inside me. I felt it squirming to my heart and then my eyes to his face. I taste the salty tears of Everett as he disappeared and the darkness return.

“I’m sorry,” he mouthed.

The air was not enough to cure my cravings itching in my throat. The darkness was bright and the cold air was heat. It was all opposite of the human feels, but the brave rush was the same.

“What have you done?” I yelled at the figure sitting across from me. His tiring eyes shine of tears still dripping down like an endless storm.

“Exactly what you think,” Everett answered sighing.

“I’m a vampire,” I stuttered. No, this can’t be it. A crash in reality as my flurry build.

“How could you?” I muffled through my sobs. My mind couldn’t feel the pain but the rolling drops told another story. Everett meet my same eyes as the sorrow flew in the air.

“I love you, Hollyn Grace Lee.”

I couldn’t explain the rage or the anger except the urge to killed. I couldn’t be the monster I failed to escape from, the supernatural monster the world nightmare about. I peered at the stranger’s body whose name died along with him. The desperation to rip him alive stay back. When I started back at Everett, my lips water. Not of affection but of hunger. My scarlet eyes corner his as I silently ran towards his flashing my weapon. The sharp teeth sink into his dead vein, and the taste savory every part of my breathless body.

I tossed my lover’s body carelessly next to the human boy and I knew. The hunter inside of me crawls out of hiding. I threw my bloody hands down on the ground and stared into the glowing night sky, the time for vampire extinction has come.

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